Zuma and MaNtuli rekindle their romance

President Zuma kicked wife number Four out of Nkandla. But soon she’ll a cow to say i’m sorry….

And that’ll get Mantuli right back into her number’s bed! So say source to the president .They claim his passionate affair with First Lady Nompumelelo ” MaNtuli’Zuma is back on track.

MaNtuli was kicked out of the president’s house after it was alleged she tried to poison him.Te story broke in Media last year.Now she’s rumoured to be back in Number one’s arms, but not in his bed!She still has to perform a ritual called inhlawalo by buying a cow which will be slaughtered.

“This will allow her bac at her home in Umhlanga , in KZN ,and to be able to set foot in Nkandla again.,”a traditional expert said .

Sunaday Sun spoke to a an insider from Hermannsburg ,near Greytown in KZN,where MaNtuli is said to be the guest of a top ANC politician. This mole said ;’The cow must be brought by MaNtuli,or with the help of her family, to show she’s remorseful, and she loves her husband.


“she must go to Nkamdla with the cow and her elders.When she gets there,MaNtuli must apologies for embarrassing the family and Zuma. The  cow will then  be slaughtered as a sign she’s forgiven.Then she’ll be free to enter Nkandla again.”

Another KZN mole:”People have been gossiping about her since it emerged she’s selling clothes imported from China. She was too ashamed to go back home to KwaMa-phumulo after she was kicked out.

The source claimed Mantuli begged a prominent businessman ( who’s known to Sunday Sun ) to offer her shelter in Hermannsburg, as her kids are studying nearby,

Zuma’s son Edward said: ” I’ll speak to him (Zuma) and find out if he’ll speak to you about private affairs.”Edward failed to come back to us before going to print.This week Zuma’s spokeperson Dr Bongani Ngqulunga, Said :’i can’t comment on this issue because it’s personal.”

MaNtuli’s phone rang unanswered this week. In 2010 M&G reported that MaNtuli was fined a goat as punishment for “bad behaviour”. The goat was allegedly presented to Zuma as an apology, following reports that she was unhappy with Zuma taking another wife.

Source ; Daily Sun


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