PICS : Zodwa Wabantu buys a brand new car for cash

Socialite and Dancer Zodwa Wabantu may have bought herself a brand new car. The controversial star posted a picture on her Instagram page of a Brand new Audi and captioned it, “Thank you @DJTira Paid up, Cash, no bank installments…”

See picture below:

For party girl Zodwa Wabantu, 2017 was a year of headlines. It was her July dress, being kicked out of Zimbabwe because her dance moves were too explicit, and the nude moment in the pool at her Mozambique hotel.

We spoke to the controversial dance queen about her plans for 2018.

She met the Juice team on Saturday in Durban’s Florida Road wearing a se_xy gold dress.When the queen of the skimpy outfit was asked why she had chosen to wear such a long dress, she broke out into a fit of laughter.

“I wanted to look especially decent for your readers, its the new year after all,” she said. Zodwa, famous for her sultry dance moves, will be worked throughout the Christmas weekend and will only get a break after the first week of February. On Christmas Day she performed in Mpumalanga.

When asked what meal she would’ve liked to prepare for Christmas lunch, she broke into a loud laugh.

“I don’t care for fancy meals, especially on Christmas day, I drink and generally have a good time, I just don’t cook,” she said.“It’s important that my son is well taken care of. He’s my number one priority,” she said.

Then she gave us a few dance lessons, with ‘Vosho’ her signature dance being the first on the list. “I’ve had a fairly good year, I’m hoping for an even better year in 2018!” the dancer said. In fact she’s already thinking ahead to 2018. In a tweet this week she was already wishing her fans happy new year.

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