Zodwa responds to @$$quake challenge

If pentyless dancer A$$quake thinks she is going to dethrone the current queen of the dance floor Zodwa Wabantu, then she has got another thing coming.

A$$quake has been tearing up dance floors and filling up clubs in Tshwana with her revealing outfits and silky dance moves.

The young dancer is looking to become the new face of sultry entertainment in Mzansi.

Zodwa however, said that she is not about to let anyone take her place in the industry.

“People must do their thing to get money but they must not use my name or think they are better than me.


I am Zodwa. No one can replace me. She thinks she is better than me? She is lost and must go bother someone else. She can go ‘be better’, but we know the truth.” She told the publication.

This is not the first time someone has come for Zodwa and she believes A$$quake will be just another addition to the list of people who have attempted to replace her and failed dismally.

“Just like Skolopad, they claim they are the new Zodwa but they can’t compete.” She added.



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