Zinhle on her relationship with AKA: I’ve forgiven myself for what I did

DJ Zinhle has spoken out about her love life and has explained how she has managed to move on from her past.

She was speaking to Anele Mdoda on her show, Real Talk, and explained that she has learnt a lot from her relationship with AKA.

“It’s a year later and things have changed and turned out for the best. I love love. I met a few people and there was always one thing that was missing. Now (with Brendon) everything made sense. It’s not that I want to show off or (tell everyone) that I’ve moved on. I’m genuinely happy. I don’t think about the drama until someone else brings it up.”


She said that Kairo has not met Brendon yet and that it would be something that she would have to first discuss with AKA.

But through all of the tough times and how she has managed to move on with life, Zinhle said she hopes her story provides hope to others.

“I entered into a marriage with myself. God put me through this and he knew why. I’m glad he did. ”

Source : Sowetan


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