Zahara’s failed lobola drama

DRUM can reveal that musician Zahara’s boyfriend, Amaza Ntshanga, did not pay lobola despite her telling a Sunday newspaper that he did

A source who attended the lobolo negotiations says she lied to the newspaper because she was “embarrassed” and “ashamed”.

Zahara (real name Bulelwa Mkutukana) travelled to her hometown, Phumulani Village in the Eastern Cape, with her boyfriend of two years, earlier this month, for lobola negotiations which did not go as planned.

DRUM’s source says the two families sat for hours but couldn’t agree to an amount to be paid for the lobolo.

The negotiations gave Zahara hope that it would be a done deal, but she was left furious when she discovered that Amaza did not accept an amount that was less than what the couple had agreed, claiming he did not have it.

After the meeting, Amaza’s family suggested they call Zahara’s family the following day to confirm when they would return for further negotiations. However, our source says her family is still waiting on the call.


For a long time Zahara denied that she and Amaza were a couple, but their relationship slowly became more public.

Eventually, news broke out that the two were engaged and there was media hype around the lobolo and their plans to have a traditional wedding.

Zahara has been in the media for other bad publicity, such as undergoing rehabilitation for issues of alcohol abuse.

She told the Sunday newspaper, City Press, that she had cut down on drinking alcohol and wants to be a role model for children and motivate them to do good things for the country.

DRUM made several efforts to get the couple to comment on the lobolo drama which were unsuccessful.

Zahara’s sisters Bandezwa and Lumka confirmed that there was lobolo negations at their home that took place on Saturday 5 November, but they would not confirm whether the lobolo was paid or not.

Source : Drum


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