Zahara is getting married

Now we know why the Loliwe hitmaker has been losing weight – she says no bride wants to wear a spanx on her wedding day. Bulelwa ‘Zahara’ Mkutukana has revealed her long­term boyfriend, Umhlobo Wenene radio personality Amaza Ntshanga, paid lobola for her at her home in Phumulani village, near East London, last weekend.

Preparations for a ceremony to welcome the son­in­law into the Mkutukana family were under way, she told Sowetan .

The ceremony requires that Ntshanga spend the night at the bride’s home and meet the men of the family the following morning. After this, Zahara’s father will then present her to the Ntshangas.

Zahara told the publication she was excited to finally meet the man she loved and “fears God”.

Though she did not want a big wedding, she said her family insisted on a big celebration, and Top Billing asked to cover it. The couple have not decided on the date of the white wedding, yet, but she said it was likely to take place in the first quarter of 2017.


Zahara, who did everything possible to hide her relationship with Ntshanga, said she started dating him in 2011, though the two have known each other since she was 13.

Ntshanga used to send her to call his then­girlfriend, who was friends with her sister. The two separated and only met again when Zahara was 24, after releasing her album Loliwe.

At the time, Ntshanga loved the album so much he reportedly told his listeners he was going to marry the woman behind the voice, not knowing it was the little girl he used to send to call his then­ girlfriend.

They met, exchanged numbers, and the rest is history. Ntshanga kept his promise, and he has now paid lobola and will be marrying his love in perhaps the biggest wedding of 2017.

Now that he has paid lobola, Zahara says she can freely talk about him, so we should expect more details in future.

Source : Sowetan


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