“You are a dirty pig” Zodwa responds to Celeste Ntuli

A war between Zodwa and Celetse  Ntuli has seen them exchange very ugly words.

Zodwa Wabantu is angry after Isibiya actor Celeste Ntuli called her “disgusting” for not wearing panties.

Zodwa hit back on Instragram, by referring to Celeste as a “dirty pig” and to stop using her name to promote her business.

In a recent radio interview, Celeste said: “Normal girls are not celebrated mostly – those who work hard and are putting in the work. And we have some girls who are just taking off their underwear. I hate that!

“I don’t understand why everyone is tiptoeing around it. It is disgusting! It makes us black women look like the things we are fighting,” she said.

Celeste slammed Zodwa’s behavior and said that she was disappointed.


“Everyone else has been calling us the p-word, the h-word, every other word out there. I am very disappointed. Why are they called private parts? They must remain private.”

Zodwa reacted to the scathing criticism by saying Celeste is doing the same thing as she is her new comedy movie.

“You are disgusted? Vomit. Sisi, let’s move along. You won’t take a picture with me? Did I ask for it? You don’t like me? I hate passionately. If you were asked about me, you could have said, ‘I don’t know her to Bob or no comment.”

Zodwa aimed for the jugular and told Celeste to mind her own business.

“I don’t need to be liked by any of you. Do your thing. Don’t involve my name to your business sies”.



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