‘Yellow bones’ with many followers take our jobs

Actress Khayakazi Kula who now acts on Mzansi Magic Soapie, The Queen opened up about how painful it is now to be in the film and TV industry.

Speaking to TshisaLive, Khaya says that acting jobs are becoming harder and harder to come by and losing a job to someone else because of lack of social media followers is a hard knock.

“It was the most mind boggling thing for me. I had to fill in how many followers I had on the audition form. They wanted to know how many Instagram followers I had and at that time I didn’t even have Instagram. Why did that matter? I had done a great job on my other gigs. My talent and skill could speak way better for me.” she said.


“Jobs are hard to come by in this industry as it is. I was so frustrated because you’d be watching TV and see all these new faces – most of them not even talented – and you’re like; ‘but I’ve going to auditions. What is going on?’ I even stopped TV. I wasn’t bitter, but I was like ‘why must yellow bones with a lot of followers take our jobs?'” she added.

Source : Daily sun


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