WATCH: This is the first real diamond I’ve owned, says Pearl Thusi on her bling

Actress Pearl Thusi could not hide her pride when she gushed over her engagement to sports personality Robert Marawa on national television.

Pearl held nothing back during a tell-all interview with Anele Mdoda on Real Talk recently.

The Quantico actress was being interviewed by Anele in New York, where she is currently based.

And ofcourse Anele had to ask about that impressive bling on her finger. Pearl’s face instantly lit up as she spoke about her ring.
“It’s beautiful. It’s the first real diamond that I’ve ever owned so sometimes I stare at it and watch how the light catches on it. Its kind of hypnotising,” she said.

Anele asked Pearl about the moments that led up to Robert popping the question.

“Without giving away too much, he took me to my favourite restaurant, he’s very romantic. As soon as I eat I’m trying to find a bed, that’s how I operate. So we ate and I was getting tired. Then he was like okay, ‘have a creme brulee and the dessert arrived in like 10 seconds, so I ate it quickly,” Pearl recalled.


She added that it was then that another platter was brought out, which she thought was chocolate.

“But I soon realised what was happening. There he was sweating and it happened, he knelt but I didn’t see it because of the moment.”
Pearl told Anele that she really doesn’t know when the big day is because things are so complicated at the moment.

“I’m literally so busy with work and I’m only off on weekends, and during that time I’m trying to keep up with what’s happening in my daughter and fiancé’s life.”

The actress added that it’s even tricky trying to meet while Robert is travelling because most countries require visas, and it takes too much time.

Watch her full interview here:

Source : Times Live


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