WATCH: Step aside Kenny, iFani is the new sushi king!

iFani has always been quite a crazy guy. But the artist has taken it to the next level with an insane new music video, for his single Sushi Dip.
The video made its internet debut this week on YouTube, after airing on TV for over two weeks.

iFani teams up with protégé Lex LaFoy and Polish star Quebonafide, to get up to all kinds of crazy.
Of course, iFani is known for his outrageous videos but this one could just be his craziest yet.

It features, among other things, Chinese sangomas.


iFani and guests eating sushi off a scantily-clad girl…


and iFani introducing Quebonafide to his bestie, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un


Check it out! It’s worth the data.

Source : Times Live


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