WATCH: L’vovo is a Sangoma

L’VOVO Derrango won’t practise as a sangoma.

“I did it all for my gogo. I don’t want to be a sangoma. I’m a musician, that’s all.”

L’vovo went on a five-month spiritual journey in KZN because it was an instruction his gogo received which he had to honour.

Speaking to Daily Sun, the popular kwaito star L’vovo said his music was also a calling, so he won’t ignore it.

“Before I got into music I had a dream where my gogo called me into music and I did as I was told.

“I wouldn’t have ignored this spiritual calling as I respect my culture and my religion.”

He said he would not be insulted if people showed their respect by calling him makhosi.

“I won’t take offence. After all, I did thwasa.”

The Ama-tintin hit maker said he went through the journey in June, which took him away from his family.


“It was not easy.

“When I felt like quitting, my gobela Zanele Zuke was by my side, encouraging me to hold on as I would soon be finished.”

He said the process was supposed to be handed down to his mum and later to his sister, but neither of them did it.

“The calling fell to me and I had to overcome it and get it done.”

He said he would continue to entertain his followers as that’s what he does best.

Source : Daily Sun


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