WATCH : Little boy in tears after DJ Tira tells him to focus on school instead of rapping

The internet’s split after Tira sent an aspiring young boy home from outside his studio.

DJ Tira nearly caused a Twitter civil war this week when he told a young boy camping outside his studio to focus on school before pursuing a music career.

The grade 8 pupil came to Tira’s studio to show off his hip-hop skills and to try to get advice from Tira.

Tira was touched by the gesture but still sent the boy home and told him to come back only when he had his school report card for the year.

At one point the boy, who was giving 100 percent to his music dream, could be seen wiping his eyes as he was lectured by Tira.

Tira uploaded a video of the conversation on Twitter, alongside a caption preaching the sermon of education first.

“Education first. Please please please. I bumped into this kid outside my studio. I gave him pocket money to travel back home. Let’s encourage our kids to finish school before pursuing a music career.”

Tira’s response sparked serious debate on social media, with some claiming he was wrong to send the young man packing and should have mentored him instead.


Others, including Reason, defended Tira’s decision to tell the boy to focus on his education.

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