WATCH: I’m very much in love, says Trevor Noah

SA-born comedian Trevor Noah held nothing back when Anele Mdoda jetted to the US to interview him on the set of The Daily Show.

From politics to growing up in poverty and being in love- Trevor held nothing back.

Speaking about his upbringing, Trevor said that despite the hardships he faced, those struggles equipped him to deal with challenges like negative feedback.

“One thing that is nice about negative feedback and not being liked. I spent my life not being liked, I spent my life as an outsider. So in my world I was the kid growing up eSoweto where everyone was looking at me going, ‘what is this thing of yours? wena Albino.”
Even though Trevor was coy to reveal too much detail about his love life, he admitted to being “very much in love”.


The funnyman also dished out about being happy and gave fans advice on “choosing to be happy”.
“I work on being happy, happiness is hard work, it’s a choice. Happiness is something that you chose to be. People take for granted that happiness is something that you can achieve. Focus on being happy now, when I go back and I think about growing up in the township, and playing games with nothing, it brought us so much joy. This proves that you can be happy with what you have.”

Watch Trevor’s full interview here:

Source : Times Live


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