Twitter lambastes Kelly over ‘bae’ Khaya Mthethwa, but she doesn’t ‘give a f*ck’

Controversial singer Kelly Khumalo got tongues wagging on Sunday when she posted a snap of herself with fellow Idols mentor Khaya Mthethwa, which she jokingly captioned: “sitting next to bae”.

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Kelly soon found her name on the trends list, as users flooded her mentions with predictions that Khaya was a dead man.

@KellyNKhumalo Noooooo!! Please not this one….pleeeeaase! We beg you Kelly..

— The Eazy-Ed (@eazyed47) November 6, 2016
@KellyNKhumalo he was just a kid…RIP to him

— Linda Kumalo (@linda_kumalo) November 6, 2016
@KellyNKhumalo application for death certificate pending…

— Chauffeur (@Skhalo_vibe) November 6, 2016
@KellyNKhumalo oh no please where’s the #SaveSouthAfrica brigade to #SaveKhaya?


— Cellphone Records (@SandzaMndayi) November 6, 2016
Kelly hit back at her haters by claiming that she did not “give a f*ck” about what they had to say, and labelled them as “predictable” and “useless beings”.

Twitter folks are so predictable, I’m sitting laughing my lungs out on how stupid ya’ll can be #MyTruth

— Kelly Khumalo (@KellyNKhumalo) November 6, 2016
I actually don’t give a f&&@&

— Kelly Khumalo (@KellyNKhumalo) November 6, 2016
Why waste my energy on useless beings who thrive on putting ppl down, I’m not about that life

— Kelly Khumalo (@KellyNKhumalo) November 6, 2016
I scratch my a%%% and already you talkin non stop? Lovely keep talkin ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#UTHANDO #MYTRUTH

— Kelly Khumalo (@KellyNKhumalo) November 6, 2016

Source : Times Live


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