Top 5 Mindblowing Pictures Of Maps Maponyane 2018

But guys, Maps Maponyane has made it to the top of our crush list.

Look, he’s always been there but it’s not every often that he flaunts all of him. And now that he has, all of us want all of him.

He claims that he had to suck it in, almost fainting while breathing deep to make sure his abs were properly showing. But we don’t believe it.

Happy 2018, folks.

Goals and ambitions under construction. Looking forward to growth in every direction and being my possible best.(And yes, I almost passed out from sucking in, tightening my stomach and not breathing during these shots)

Day 1

Happy New Year!!!

Another one from the Trenery Style Files x Maps Maponyane. The uncensored pic uses my other finger to raise my glasses but it’s too early for that I guess





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