Tira : DJ Tuxedo is a thief!

Popular club DJ and music producer, DJ Tira took to social media on Thursday to ‘expose’ DJ Tuxedo, who has allegedly failed to pay Tira for a gig he did in Bloemfontein.

“I hate to do this but this guy leaves me no choice! #DjTuxedoBloemIsAThief We had a packed event during Macufe and we trusted him to pay us from gate takings. The gig was a super success but till today the guy hasn’t paid us our money. So we requesting Afro fans in Bloemfontein to find this guy and ask him to pay our money! We want our money Dj Tuxedo, we are sick n tired of your endless stories!!!! We trusted u, we did our job and packed the event now WE WANT OUR MONEY! We gonna haunt u till the money is in the Ezase Afro account”, Tira wrote on his Facebook acoout


DJ Tuxedo is yet to respond to Tira’s fuming post.


Source : Daily Sun


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