The Relationship Between Sbahle And Khune

Sbahle Opens Up About Relationship With Khune! After their romantic picnic shared on Instagram, social media was convinced the two are definitely a couple and back on. But not according to Sbahle.

The beauty told the media that they are “just friends hanging out together”. “The picnics are cute. We are chilled. We hang out. We can’t hide that. If you think we are hiding it, you are stupid. We just want to keep our friendship private,” she said.

On their publicized relationship, Sbahle shared that it did put a lot of pressure on their relationship which led to their mini break.

“I won’t comment much, but being in the spotlight because of our relationship did put a lot of pressure on our relationship. Sometimes just taking a break from people is a good thing because your (individual) opinion doesn’t matter anymore (when you are in the spotlight for a relationship).”




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