“South Africans Are Hypocrites” Says Ntsiki Mazwai

Outspoken and controversial musician Ntsiki Mazwai was not impressed by the frenzy that are following the hype in paying tribute to the late gospel sensation Lundi Tyamara. This happened after social media flooded with messages of condolences.

“South Africans are hypocrites. They undermine their own musicians and don’t support but are the first to ride the RIP wave” said Ntsiki Mazwai. She also went on to say that people should stop glorifying themselves by following the crowd

The musician also took to twitter that fans should rather buy Lundi’s music so that his family won’t have to go to bed with an empty stomach. She further added that tweeting won’t do justice. “Support his music so his family can eat” Ntsiki tweeted

Twitter users were touched and got all worked over the musician’s tweets, but Ntsiki being Ntsiki, she was not even bothered or shaken by the comments made the fans.

Source ; Mzansi



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