Sophie Ndaba reflects on losing her dad six weeks ago

Even though the loss of a loved one is never easy- Sophie Ndaba has chosen to focus on the positives.

Speaking to Drum magazine the actress revealed that her dad died six weeks ago.

Sophie’s dad was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2005 and was given less than a week to live at the time. However‚ Sophie’s dad fought the condition for a decade after.

“He suffered from it for 10 years. Over the years‚ he survived by having his blood filtered by a dialysis machine and I am glad I was able to provide a good quality of life for him and that we got to spend time with him‚” Sophie told the publication.

Sophie added that even though they were still in mourning she has decided to remain positive.

And the actress who made her TV come back a few months ago after bagging a role on High Rollers and lost a whopping 22kg after changing her lifestyle- she sure does have a lot to be positive about.


Speaking to TshisaLIVE earlier this year‚ Sophie who suffers from Type 2 Diabetes explained that she decided to change her lifestyle‚ after she looked in the mirror and didn’t like what she saw.

“I went in front of the mirror naked and I looked at myself and said‚ ‘This is how I look and I can’t.’ Above anything else‚ that’s what forced me to change my mind. And now I define how I want to look in my underwear“.

Sophie added that since changing her lifestyle she as a much happier person.

“It’s a new me. Every woman wants to feel comfortable with herself before everybody else can feel comfortable with her. It’s about me right now. I’m happy. Everybody else should be happy too.

Source : Sowetan


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