Somizi has strong word for his haters

Idols SA judge Somizi has hit back angrily at the Department of Justice claiming that it has failed the LGBT community.

Somizi, like much of the nation, was disturbed by recent media reports of correctional rape and a lesbian apparently being killed for her sexuality in Driftsands‚ near Khayelitsha‚ Cape Town over the weekend.

According to Sowetan, more than 10 men broke into the home of Noluvo Swelindawo over the weekend‚ assaulting and killing her in what was thought to be a lesbian hate crime.
Somizi took to Instagram on Tuesday to voice his anger at homophobic attitudes and the justice system.

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Mad as hell. @departmentofjustice ur failing us

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“I choose not to keep quite. I choose to not be silent when I see in the news or hear about corrective rape occurring in South Africa. When I hear about a young girl who is murdered because she is lesbian.

“Homophobes, get it into your skull. Being gay is just like being black or being white, you don’t choose. you are just that. And the justice system, you are failing us. You are the reason why they think they can get away with murder,” he said in the video.
He went on to further lambaste people with homophobic attitudes, telling them that their hate would not change his sexuality.

“All you homophobes. I will tell you again, your hate will not make me straight,” Somizi said.

Source : Times Live


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