Social media users photoshop clothes onto Boity

Boity’s beach vacation pictures got a makeover, courtesy of social media users.

Boity Thulo spent the festive season relaxing on the beaches of Mozambique and Mauritius.

The TV personality showed off her body in several bikini pictures on Instagram and Twitter.

While many of her followers drooled over her sexy snaps, which included showing off her almost bare derriere, some demanded that the trained sangoma cover up.

“What kind of a sangoma goes about almost naked all the time?” one Twitter user asked.

Another added on Instagram: “Why do woman feel like they have to be half naked on social media???? looking for attention???”


While some simply expressed their disappointment, others went as far as photoshopping some clothes onto Boity!

One social media user covered Boity in a traditional outfit, and the picture quickly got hundreds of retweets.

Source: Citizen


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