Shocking salary for ‘Our Perfect Wedding’ Hosts revealed

Shocking Salary For ‘Our Perfect Wedding’ Hosts Revealed! Most people believe the
showbiz industry is all that glitz and glamour and will make one rich but in reality it
couldn’t be the furthest from the truth especially in Mzansi.

Despite ‘Our Perfect Wedding’ being the most watched and most successful TV show on
all of DSTV channels, the presenters only get paid around R12 500 per episode which is
shot over four day.

Whilst it might seem not too bad when you calculate how much that amounts to per
month, in entertainment it’s peanuts and that is before the tax, manager and agent’s
According to entertainment commentator Phil Mphela, the new host who was found
through a presenter search might earn less than that because she doesn’t have the
experience and isn’t a big name already.




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