SHOCKER: Woman allegedly beaten by Idols SA runner up Mthokozisi Ndaba

A case has been opened against Idols SA runner up Mthokozisi Ndaba for an alleged assault against a woman last night. Pictures of the woman which have been shared on social media show that her tooth was broken.

This comes after a tweep who happens to be her friend tweeted the following: Please help us find @MthokozisiIdols he assaulted my friend last night to a point where a tooth was broken and couldn’t stop bleeding and that’s when @MthokozisiIdols ran away. PLEASE HELP US FIND THIS MONSTER.

Check the tweet below:

The beating also left the woman with heavily swollen left eye, lips and cheeks.

The pictures led to a debate on brutal acts among women in the country as many people were condemning the incident.

Meanwhile the police is yet to confirm the incident.




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