Refiloe’s funeral drama!

IT WAS meant to be a dignified send-off for the late Refiloe Motha.

But it turned into a battle at the Avalon graveyard in So­weto when family members ended up in a fist fight!

It is not certain why the family ended up fighting, but harsh words were spoken during the speeches at the African Gospel Church in Orlando.

Refiloe’s aunt, Maki Dlamini, said as a family they did everything for her. “It’s her choices that led to her death. What you see today is Refiloe’s fault.”

She said they sent her to expensive schools, and provided for her when she decided to leave. “We raised her well but she made her own decisions.”


Distraught Thembisile Ntaka, a fellow member of the group Adilah, addressed the crowd in tears saying they were sorry to have failed Refiloe.

“It is so painful that the hall is packed, yet Refiloe lived like someone who didn’t have a family.”

Thembi said Refiloe was a wounded person ever since she lost her mother.

Refiloe’s sister, Zandi said her sister was a fireball. “We will remember her for her personality.”

Later, at the cemetery family members were seen trading blows as they were going to the cars and buses.

Source : Daily Sun


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