7 pictures of Actress Makgotso M that will blow your minds

Makgotso M is shining brighter on your TV screens, she is flying even higher with no signs of slowing down

You know when you come across something that you just were never ready for. That happened to me and I just want to really thank God because he is really keeping me!! Life is full of surprises, some not so lovely, but in spite of it all I will rise and I will continue to rise! God has brought me through storms I never thought I could bear, so I’m good!

Whatever you’re going through, you will rise above it and at times u feel like you won’t, but to u will!!! Nothing is impossible for God.

Conforming is boring . Being you is just so much easier.

Nature is Thishiwe’s happy place.

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in S.A, I’m gonna go enjoy it!




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