Pics : Zahara shows off her ‘dream man’

The multiple award-winning and best-selling singer is getting hitched to Umhlobo Wenene radio personality Amaza Ntshanga.

The musician, whose real name is Bulelwa Mkutukana, confirmed exclusively to Sowetan that Ntshanga paid lobola for her at her home in Phumulani village near East London last weekend. She excitedly shared that preparations are now under way for a ceremony to welcome the son-in-law into their family.


The practice dictates that Ntshanga, with his family posse, would then spend the night at the Mkutukanas and in the morning meet the men of the family, ending with Zahara’s father presenting her to the Ntshangas.

As part of the path to the big day, some of the practices will see Zahara walk barefooted for a week after the utsiki ceremony that will welcome her to the Ntshangas. It will all culminate in a traditional wedding and a white wedding.

“I’m very excited,” she said. “It’s every girl’s dream to get married, especially when they are happy with the person they love and he fears God.”

She said they have been dating since 2011, but their liaison dates back to when she was 13 and he was 22.

Zahara shared that bhuti Amaza used to send her to call his then girlfriend, known as Kholiwe, who was best friends with her sister when they lived in an East London suburb which she visited on weekends.

Zahara followed Ntshanga like many others who listened to Umhlobo Wenene until when, at 24, she released her phenomenal debut album Loliwe.

The story goes that when he heard the single Lengoma, Ntshanga told his listeners that he was going to marry the woman behind the mesmerising voice. Little did he know it was the 13-year-old he used to send to call his then girlfriend.

It wasn’t until she went to Umhlobo Wenene where they met and exchanged numbers that the dots connected. Ntshanga kept his promise when he told her that he was going to marry her.

“I thought he was joking. But I knew from the start that he was a man of purpose,” she said.

Zahara added that she went to great lengths to hide their relationship and only identified Ntshanga as a “friend”.


“Now that he has paid lobola, I’m free to talk.”


Looking ahead to a life with her sweetheart, Zahara said she had hoped for a small wedding with only his and her family and close friends, but her family has insisted on a huge celebration.

“It’s going to be big. Top Billing has even asked to cover it all the way,” she said.

They had hoped for December nuptials but with her busy schedule of festive performances that last well into January, they will have to settle for the first quarter of next year.

“I think I will have my bridal shower in February, the month of love and the white wedding will come later at home in Phumulani.”

Asked if she will be singing at her wedding, Zahara said Ntshanga had already remixed a song and she wrote some words. It will be heard for the first time at their wedding.

She said, given a choice, she would pick Ringo Madlingozi and Vusi Nova to perform, as well as “my mother Nhlanhla Nciza” with whom she lived when she first came to Johannesburg.

Children? “It’s obvious, I want kids. Even if it’s a soccer team I won’t mind, although it would affect my work. I’m always looking after kids at home. Even now they still leave me alone with the kids.”

The dress, decor and the cake are not finalised. She said she was taking suggestions from interested parties.

Zahara has been changing her image, losing weight and trying new looks. She said gym had been doing her good.

“No bride wants to wear a spanx on her wedding day,” she laughed. She said the transformation has helped her deal with some undesirable publicity and half-truths published about her denying that she has been to rehab as has been widely reported.

“I do drink but I don’t overdo it. I don’t have friends in Johannesburg, you will not see me posting pictures with celebrities on social media, but I’ve learnt that when you feel beautiful you can face anything because of the positive energy. I’m in a positive space, whatever comes will pass.”

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