Passenger ‘hit, pulled female Uber driver’s hair’

An Uber driver was traumatised after she was allegedly assaulted by a passenger minutes after responding to the call for the taxi service in Edgemead.

Faiza Haupt, a 55-year-old Uber driver from Bonteheuwel, said she did not expect to be harassed on the job by a woman she had to drive to work.
Faiza Haupt, an Uber driver from Bonteheuwel, was allegedly assaulted by a passenger she had to drive to work.
“This is the first time in the three years that I have been with the company that something like this has happened.”

Haupt said she was polite when the woman climbed into her taxi at 8am on Friday.
She said the passenger then threatened to cancel the trip and order another Uber, but later decided against it.

“She kept treating me like I was not a human being and I asked her to please cancel the trip and order a new Uber like she originally planned. She refused to get out of my car,” she said.

Haupt told her passenger she would drive to the Goodwood police station if she did not leave her in peace.

“That is when she became violent,” Haupt said. “She pulled at my hair and hit me while I was driving. I quickly phoned my partner while the woman was swearing at me and pulling my hair and my partner advised me to push the panic button. She then jumped out.”

Uber Sub-Saharan Africa has condemned the alleged incident, calling it a “distressing situation” that needed thorough investigation. Uber’s general manager Alon Lits said the company’s incident report team had already been in touchwith the parties involved.

“And we will provide whatever support is necessary. We will support the police in their investigation in any way that we can. Safety remains a top priority.

“Uber encourages mutual respect between riders and drivers on the platform, and therefore any violence or aggressive behaviour is unacceptable,” he said.

Lits said all driver-partners had access to an emergency number. “This number provides them with access to a control room which will provide assistance in the event of an emergency.”

Police spokeswoman Noloyiso Rwexana confirmed a common assault case had been opened for investigation.

However, the woman had yet to be arrested.

Source : IOL



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