Watch : Pabi Moloi’s daddy airs their dirty laundry on social media

Radio and TV personality Pabi Moloi was the talk of the town all weekend after
her estranged baby daddy took to social media blasting her for not allowing him
to see his child. Pabi Moloi’s baby daddy airs their dirty laundry on social media.

Pabi’s baby daddy sounded off on the marriage writing on Instagram how people
shouldn’t believe everything they see on magazines. The baby daddy Juan Adams
says he didn’t see his son the day he was born. “Pabi didn’t put my name on the
birth certificate, so technically she can leave with my son forever,” he ranted on


He then posted a video of himself arguing with Pabi’s family to his Instagram,
although it has since been deleted. Ruan could be heard asking to be let out of
the house. “We are going to open a criminal case for you wena. Go get a child with
a mother,” the women could be heard shouting at him.
Pabi is yet to make a public statement on the drama.

Watch the drama unfold below

Source : Mzansi



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