Okmalumkoolkat finally breaks his silence

Ever since Okmalumkoolkat served time in an Australian jail after being found guilty of on a se_xual assault charge‚ Mzansi has been pleading for answers as to what exactly happened.

The rapper‚ whose real name is Smiso Zwane‚ served one month of a six-month sentence in a Tasmanian jail for assault with intent of indecency and assault with intent in January this year. Speaking to Anele Mdoda on Real Talk recently‚ Okmalumkoolkat finally opened up about what happened the night he got arrested in Australia.

“I was lost in the hotel‚ looking for my way to my room. And there is a sliding door open‚ so I’m thinking maybe that could be the way for me to get to the corridors to go to my room‚” he said.“But because I was drunk‚ instead of knocking‚ I just walked through. And then obviously — I would probably act the same way if somebody was in my room — it’s scary. She woke up‚ and then she ushered me out the room.”

He said that he told the woman‚ who eventually laid charges against him‚ that he was “drunk” and was only trying to make his way to his hotel room.

However‚ that didn’t stop her from calling the police.

“I guess she could see that I was really drunk‚ and I told her that ‘yo‚ I’m actually trying to get my way to my room.’ And then she called the cops‚ and then I was like okay‚ I’m going to explain to the police. And then when they got there‚ they were like you’ll explain [when we get to the charge office].”


According to Okmalumkoolkat‚ the woman had changed the events of what had happened in the statement. “When I heard her statement‚ it was different now. Like the story was different.” He revealed that the woman claimed that he was there on her bed when she woke up‚ and accused him of “touching her without her consent“ From then on‚ it got “real” for Okmalumkoolkat. He claimed that it was so bad‚ that he couldn’t even call his family to let them know what had happened.

“Then the was the charges. It was a real thing. But I though it’s something I could explain.” Asked why he then decided to plead guilty to the charges‚ he said that he felt like he had “violated” the woman’s privacy‚ because he was in her room.

“I felt like I did violate someone‚ because I was in her room. Even if it was myself‚ as a male‚ I’d probably freak out if somebody was in [my] hotel room. I apologised for acting like that. Also just like‚ going to countries and representing my country‚ but still getting that drunk. Not drinking responsibly. I think it was wrong‚ and I’ve been trying to watch that about myself‚” he said.

Okmalumkoolkat has‚ for a long time‚ refused to speak on the matter since issuing a letter of apology in March.

In the letter‚ he apologised to everyone that was affected by the incident and promised to one day explain in his own words what happened.

Source : TimesLive


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