Ntsiki lambastes Die Antwoord for ‘disrespecting’ the Xhosa culture

Outspoken musician Ntsiki Mazwai wants to take music duo Die Antwoord to the SA Human Rights Commission over their “disrespectful” depiction of a “sacred” Xhosa ritual.

The artwork of the group’s latest album shows Ninja wearing a traditional blanket and hat usually used in the Xhosa cir_cumcision ceremony.

Even though the group’s album artwork was released in September last year resurfaced on social media on Monday and sparked outrage.

Ntsiki was one of the people to voice her anger over the group’s depiction of the culture.

peaking to TshisaLIVE, Ntsiki said she was appalled by the group’s decision to use the traditional outfit to promote their music.

“That is not his (Ninja’s) culture. He is not Xhosa and he has no right to parade around pretending that he is. He cannot do as he pleases with our culture. This is very serious and we should take them to the Human Rights Commission for exploiting our culture,” Ntsiki said.

She said that the circ_umcision ceremony was a “sacred” one that should not be mocked or made light of.

“He (Ninja) is not Xhosa man. He has not been to the mountain. He does not know what the blanket or the mud means. He is being disrespectful and is not representing South Africa or its cultures to the world like he probably thinks he does,” Ntsiki added.

Several attempts by TshiaLIVE to contact Die Antwoord for comment were unsuccessful.


Source : Times Live



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