Mom tells how baby was snatched from her back in street

A young mother told the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, of her anguish when her baby was snatched from her back while she was walking down a street in Brakpan on her way to church.

She described how she was accosted by men who tried to force her and the baby into a car. She resisted and fell. She described how the baby-snatcher grabbed the child and passed her to a woman waiting next to a car.
The mother cannot be named to protect the child.

The woman was testifying in the trial of Kingsley Nnadi, 33, and Thapelo Mthapo (no age given), who are facing an array of charges following the alleged baby-snatching in January 2014.
The child’s mother testified that she saw a man following her that morning while she was walking to church. She then noticed a car with occupants in it moving across the road to her side.

A man grabbed her and she fell to the ground. He tried to carry her to the car, but she refused to budge. But he then grabbed the baby.

“They sped off in a car with my baby. I screamed my baby, my baby; they stole my baby’. I thought I would never see her again.”

About a month later she got a call from the police, who said they had found her baby.

“She was a big baby, but she had lost weight by then. I had breast-fed her before, but she no longer wanted my breast.”

Nnadi’s girlfriend, Jabulile Masombuka, 23, has pleaded guilty to snatching the baby and later hiding 10 packs of drugs in the child’s nappy.

She received an effective sentence of 10 years and agreed to testify against her boyfriend and his friend, who pleaded not guilty.

Masombuka has told Judge Eben Jordaan that she used to work as a drug runner for her boyfriend because she needed money.


She said her boyfriend had often assaulted her as she could not bear him a child. She explained that “her womb was removed” because she had cancer.

Masombuka said her boyfriend told her they had to steal a baby and he arranged for the baby to be snatched, involving two of his friends.

Masombuka and friends then searched the streets for a child until they noticed the woman walking with the baby girl on her back.

The tried to force her into the car, but when she refused they grabbed the baby and sped away, the court heard. By chance the police found the snatched baby in the couple’s flat about a month later when they were doing a drugs raid.

With the police on their doorstep Masombuka said she tried to stuff the drugs into the baby’s nappy but it was too late – the police saw the packets protruding from the nappy.

It was then that the police discovered that the baby was the missing child.

Her boyfriend denied any knowledge of the baby snatching and said he believed the baby to be her child.

He said Masombuka had told him she was pregnant, and he told her to go to her parents, as he could not look after her during her pregnancy.

He said that some months later she returned, wearing maternity clothes. They had an altercation and she left. She phoned him a few days later to tell her she was in hospital and had had their child.

He went to hospital but did not see the baby, who she said was in an incubator. They left the hospital together to buy bottles and clothes, and she fetched the baby to take to her to her parents’ home. Nnadi said when he visited he saw the baby.

The trial continues.

Source : IOL


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