Major breaththrough in Senzo Meyiwa murder case

A WEEK ago, Police Minister Fikile Mbalula claimed cops were hot on the heels of Senzo Meyiwa’s killers. But is has been learnt that the case might never be closed. There are allegations that cops know exactly what happened on the day Senzo died three years ago but are unable to do anything as many involved in the case have been bribed and others threatened!

Twitter users were outraged after Mbalula said he was confident Senzo’s killers would be brought to book. Over the weekend, many allegations were made on social media. MzansiVille understands that Senzo’s baby mama, Kelly Khumalo, consulted a sangoma before his death to get muthi to chase him away because she wanted to end their relationship. She was allegedly having an affair with a senior Gauteng police officer whose identity is known.

Among the unconfirmed allegations made on Twitter was that those responsible for Senzo’s murder were widely known. Many users also asked why the police had not arrested and questioned everyone who was with Senzo when he was murdered.

It was revealed that on the night of the murder, the killer went to Khumalo’s family home in Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni, and found his lover there with another man, who has been identified to the SunTeam. The killer apparently didn’t go to the house to target Senzo, but the situation got ugly when he got into a fight with the other man.


It’s believed Senzo intervened in the fight and was shot in the chest by the killer. We understand that Khumalo’s mum chased away cops who arrived at the scene after the murder. The next day a cop arrived and took cartridges away, contaminating the scene.

The killer was allegedly taken into hiding so police could not test his hands for gunpowder. Some Twitter users have said the only people who could help solve the case are the Khumalos’ neighbours, who apparently know what happened but who are too scared to testify.

Two people who witnessed the shooting are currently living in fear in KZN. Throughout the investigation, cops allegedly leaked information to the suspect.  Senzo’s father Sam said he still hoped the case would be cracked by the police. “It might not be today or tomorrow but I know the suspect will be arrested.”

Sam said while his family’s breadwinner was in his grave, the suspects were still roaming free and providing for their families. “If I die without seeing the suspects arrested, I know judgement is waiting for them in hell and they will all perish,” he said.

“My son’s killers may have the money to bribe authorities but they must know there is no bribery with God.

“They will be punished.”

Source : DailySun


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