Men spend at Zahara Muthi Shop

THE owner claims the shop has nothing to do with the singer. And the sexy African singer says: “It’s not my shop!”

Still, people keep flocking to the Zahara Muthi Shop in downtown Benoni, Ekurhuleni.

Zahara was reacting to claims that she owned a muthi store and that people loved her shop.

Her manager Zakes Makaba told Daily Sun they knew nothing about the shop. “This is the first time we’ve heard about it.

“The name Zahara is enough to send some men to their knees,” said one bystander. “Men have been flocking to get her charms.”


SunReaders contacted Daily Sun to come and see how men flocked to the shop in droves.

“Men love Zahara and spend every cent just to support her business,” said one reader.

The shop sells herbal muthi for diseases and evil spirits.

The SunTeam saw several men browsing in the shop, while others were hanging out in front, looking at a banner advertising Zahara muthi products. “We love Zahara because she’s an African girl and hasn’t allowed fame to go to her head,” said one.

The shop owner said: “People must not think I’m using Zahara the singer as fronting.”

Source : Daily Sun


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