Manaka Ranaka comes to Ayanda Ncwane’s defence

It’s been two years since the passing of award-winning gospel singer, Sfiso Ncwane, and as many fans and friends have witnessed Ayanda Ncwane mourn the death of her late husband publicly, they have been lurking on her timeline to check her healing progress, but actress Manaka Ranaka is not having any of it.

Abathandwa Musical Group band member, Percy Nyoka uploaded an image of him wearing blue tracksuit pants that are similar to the ones that Mr Ncwane had worn before, and when Instagram ‘forensics’ caught sight of the image, they shared their opinions that alluded to the fact that Ayanda Ncwane had given away her husband’s clothes and was allegedly in a romantic relationship.

Ayanda Ncwane, who manages the musical group slammed the claims in an Instagram post – that she has since deleted – after she caught wind of the speculations, explaining that she also owned a pair and decided to give them to the band member.

The social media streets, however, have since been flooded with opinions of tweeps weighing in on the situation and questioning, Ncwane’s gesture.


Actress Manaka Ranaka was amongst those that took to their personal social media accounts to defend the widow from the critics. The actress uploaded an image with the words: “Bathi [They say] Ayanda Ncwane must explain. Explain what exactly? What makes you think you deserve an explanation? #HandsOffAyanda,”

She then went on to caption the post with her opinion on the way society had bashed Ncwane for her actions.

“Yah hands off vele.. A sick society will have too many rules and regulations for a WOMAN and expect us to comply. Who lied to you and told you we gonna comply? Kudlaliwe ngani shame”



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