Man allegedly poisons himself at Gauteng legislature

A man who loudly called out “Do you remember me?” as he reached the security turnstiles at the Gauteng legislature on Tuesday morning was then seen drinking a liquid, which onlookers believed to be poison, before he collapsed.

“He walked past and just stood there after sliding under the turnstiles … he said something and then drank from a bottle in his hand. We were shocked when he collapsed,” said a shocked woman who witnessed the incident.
A staff member, who asked not to be named, said the man went through security turnstiles and screamed: “… remember me?! I was here on the 29th … “ before he drank a liquid from a small bottle and collapsed onto the floor.


The condition of the man, who was taken to hospital by ambulance, was not yet known.

Legislature secretary Peter Skosana said: “We are still following up on the information. We do not know who he is or his mental state, and we do not even know if what he was said to have drank was poison.”

He said he would provide further information as soon as he was able to.

Source ; IOL


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