Letoya Makhene reveals new pics of her son

She’s finally revealed her cute baby boy. And he’s one of the cutest babies we’ve seen thus far.

It seems that tradition might have kept us from being introduced to the baby when he was born, according to certain traditions, a newborn baby may only be revealed to the public a month after the babies born date to avoid certain factors like bad energy.

Kopano was born on October 24 and made his first public appearance a month later. Cute snaps of the Generation’s stars little boy have been surfacing ever since. It looks like his three siblings are obsessed with their little brother and Tamu one of her other sons is already on big brother duty.

Big brother helping out mommy with feeding the new member of the family.

Letoya has three children from a previous relationship and Kopano is her first with her current partner Tshepo Leeuw. What a beautiful family they all are. Congratulations once more to the Leeuw’s, Kopano is absolutely precious.

Source : Zalebs



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