Kwaito star seeks God’s help

KWAITO star, Antony “Tsekeleke” Motaung, has suddenly found himself with an enormous problem on his hands.


That’s because the legend, who made a name for himself in mid-2000s, faces the prospect of either chopping his leg or losing his life.

This decision Tsekeleke faces stems from his 10-year battle with sugar diabetes and
high-blood pressure, resulting in a sore – that won’t heal – on the side of his right foot.

But the Tsekeleke hitmaker refused to go down without a fight, turning instead to divine intervention.

“In one of my recent dreams, I was shown an image of prophet Paseka “Mboro” Motsoeneng,” Tsekeleke said.

“The voice in my dream told me he was the only person who could help me.”


Tsekeleke said his illness had become so severe that he had lost feeling in his leg.

“The sore not only looks bad, but it has made my whole foot to lose sensation,” he said.

“I can’t feel anything, and the pain I experience starts all the way from the upper part of my leg.”

He said he had yet to find a doctor who could remedy the situation.

“Every pill and medication I’ve received has only ended in my legs being swollen,” Tsekeleke said.

“Consensus among doctors has been that I should consider chopping my leg, but I’d rather die than lose it.”

Asked for comment, Mboro said Tsekeleke had landed at his The Incredible Happenings Church in the nick of time.

“For the next eight weeks, I’ll be praying for people who have problems with their legs, arms and waist, and asking God for rain,” Mboro said.

And with Tsekeleke unable to dance or walk well, Mboro believed prayer might do the trick.

“I’m not saying I heal people, but I’m saying God will help him,” the prophet said.

“I’m not claiming to have powers, I’m just a person God uses to help people.”

Source : Daily Sun


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