Katlego Danke back on TV with Isidingo

Ousted Generations actress Katlego Danke is back in the saddle as a soapie leading lady with a new explosive role on Isidingo.

On Tuesday, 01 November, at 19:00 she will make her big television acting comeback on the SABC 3 prime-time show. Aside from hosting the Lotto, it has been two years since we last saw Danke in action on the small screen. But she strongly insists that she never left acting, she has just been busy with film work.

“It’s not my big acting comeback, because within acting we do different things that people don’t get to see. I suppose as far as TV is concerned it’s my acting comeback, because people last saw me on Generations and this is the next big thing that people will see me doing,” Danke points out.

“But as an actor I’ve been acting since I left Generations. It’s just that it has been on different mediums. I was doing film work. So as far as TV is concerned, this is the first time I’m coming back on TV.”

Danke was cast a couple of months ago as the calculating and conniving new character in Horizon Deep Khothala Mokoena.

Danke adds that she is very different from her much-loved damsel in distress role of Dineo Mashaba on Generations.


“Khothala is a go-getter, wears the pants, no-nonsense and straight talker. She is a very strict businesswoman. It’s nice to play a woman who is not only that strong and goes after everything she wants, but at the same time you see her gentleness and softness in her when she is a mother and wife,” Danke teases.

“What will surprise the audience the most is that Dineo and Kothala are two different women firstly. Secondly, with Dineo they had a long time to see her grow and develop. She was this impressionable trophy wife when we first saw her and blossomed into this businesswoman, who was still not sure of herself. Kothala is very self-assured, knows where she is going and she is unapologetic about it.”

Danke has been working closely with Shona Ferguson, who play her character’s on-screen husband Tyson Mokoena.

“It was the first time working with Shona. He is just an awesome, wonderful and professional guy to work with. He is quite generous in his work, which is a wonderful quality you can have as an actor because then other actors want to work with you,” Danke shares.

“He was on the show before me and I get to shoot most of my scenes with him. So he has being quite welcoming and allowed me easy into the show.”

Source : Sowetan


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