Khanyi Mbau makes fun of herself

If you can’t beat them, join them, so she’s starting a Pink Lives Matter campaign.
Following the backlash she received for her skin, which her critics said now looked “pink”, Khanyi Mbau has decided to join them and make fun of herself. At first, she used her usual tactics, lashing out her haters, telling them she did not care what they said.

Now she has again taken to social media to ask South Africans to love and accept her as she is. She further offered her followers “pieces” of herself, sharing a photoshopped picture of Shoprite chicken thighs with her face on one of them.

“Pink lives matter too,” she said.


Her followers laughed at her humour, though some said they could not accept her “pieces”, as they were not “Woolworths standard”. Shoprite should be paying her for this brilliant marketing strategy, they said, as everyone who has seen this will think of her when they see the thighs at their stores.

Though some might also choose to refrain from buying a piece of Khanyi Mbau.

Either way, it’s hilarious.

Source : Online


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