Jessica Nkosi’s ideal man “should be light in complexion”

Speaking to City Press about her ideal man, Jessica said that her ideal bae has to be “at least 35 years old, a businessman, and should be light in complexion.”

So when she was asked about potential candidates, she hinted that she’s scouting internationally.

“So far, there’s a potential guy for me. But internationally, I prefer Lewis Hamilton,” Jessica told the paper.


But with her current bustling schedule, she doubts that she’ll be able to hold down a relationship right now considering the fact that she travels a lot, but she’s considered the possibility of one after the OPW season.

“Do you know how much work I’m doing, especially since I’ve been doing Our Perfect Wedding(OPW)? If I were in a relationship, it would be over by now. It’s hectic. I travel a lot and maybe I’ll consider dating at the end of the OPW season,” she told City Press.

Source ; Drum


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