IN MEMES | Twitter can’t get over OPW’s ‘funeral make-up’ bride

Thousands of viewers tuned in to Our Perfect Wedding on Sunday to witness the Mahopes’ tie the knot but the bride’s make-up hogged their attention for all the wrong reasons.

Everything about the couple’s big day was beautiful – from their colourful attire to the joyous celebration of two families coming together. Even their love story was interesting, with Martin being Precious’ first love who she met when she was 36 years old.

However, there was one major problem: The bride’s make-up.

In the past make-up wouldn’t steal the spotlight, but in 2018, slaying or being ‘facebeat to the Gods’ is almost just as important as your vows.

The bride’s make-up artist failed her.

The memes came streaming in!




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