I have cut down on alcohol, says Zahara

Zahara has, for a long time, been plagued by reports claiming that she has an alcohol problem. Having previously admitted that she used to drink too much, she recently revealed that she has drastically cut down on her alcohol intake.

Speaking to City Press, the songstress explained her decision to cut down on alcohol, saying that it gave her negative publicity.

“I have cut down on alcohol. I’ve realised what negative publicity it gave me in the past,” she told the local publication.
She further pointed out that she wants to be a good role model for the younger generation.


“I really want to be a role model for the young kids out there and motivate them to do good in growing this beautiful country.”
Zahara was first beset by rumours of alcoholism early last year. She was the subject of Sunday tabloids which claimed her partner, a radio DJ, decided to leave her because she drank too much.

However, she subsequently took to Facebook to clear the air about the rumours.

She admitted that she did drink too much at one point – specifically after her brother died in 2014, but has since cleaned up her act and is getting over the depression of losing a loved one.

Source : Times Live


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