Here’s why Minnie Dlamini has parted with her PR Manager

Minnie Dlamini is one of the most successful brand in South Africa, the beauty has been in the industry for a couple of years and she is doing better than she ever has. She is one of a handful of celebrities who have managed to turn their fame into a business.

According to Media, the star is leaving the company that helped make her a household name. The paper alleges that Minnie has dropped Sarit Tomlison of Capacity Relations because of disagreements.

A source known to the paper said, “Minnie accused Sarit of not doing enough to boost her career.”

This is not the first time Minnie seperates from a PR team, she was previously linked to Phumza Nohashe and Jarred Doyle.

According to Media the reason why Minnie and Jarred Doyle went their separate ways was because Minnie made high demands on him but paid the publicist an unflattering P.R fee for his services.





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