Here Is what Pallance Dladla has to say about entitled actors

His passion for acting may have begun in high school but his love for the craft is what got him this far.

Pallance Dladla not only wrote plays but acted in them as well and won numerous awards for them. His appearance in the KFC and Kellogs adverts were the beginning of a long and inspiring career he was about to pursue.

Apart from being one of the most handsome of actors in the local industry right now, Pallance is jampacked with remarkable talent. For someone who is as good as Pallance is, one may think roles came easy to him but that isn’t the case. The award-winning actor has had his share of door slams in his career and he never really understood why. The decision he made when he was 8-years-old became a life goal and today he is living his dream.

Some actors and actresses get to a point in their career where they feel a sense of entitlement, which Pallance feels is a great mistake, especially when working in such an industry.
In an interview with Sowetan Live the former gave his views on actors who feel entitled to roles without selling themselves to the directors or casting agents.has some strong views about actors‚ who he believes feel entitled to roles because of their talent‚ and don’t work hard enough to sell themselves.

“A knowledge and wider perspective of the industry is something I didn’t have. It was a challenge for me because I was stuck in a box where I believed that if I acted someone would find me. It is the attitude many artists in South Africa have‚ that all you have to do is wait until someone gives you that opportunity‚ but that is difficult. We need to stop this open-handed and entitled attitude and empower ourselves‚” he said.

Because of this realisation, the actor was inspired to start an acting workshop that would help and empower young actors who want to come into and excel in the industry. The One Day Acting Master Class workshop was held this past weekend with him and fellow actors Sdumo Mtshali and Ayanda Sthebe.


“A lot of people want to just get a job or be on TV but we are trying to break that culture and show them that they can create. If we isolate ourselves in the industry‚ we will never grow. I believe in the power of collaboration‚ that is what got me so far‚ because people recommended me to other people because I had the potential. If I did not have that it would have been hard for me to break into the industry. I believe that the only way to grow as an industry is for us to come together and share skills‚” he said.

It’s great to know that some people love to share their greatness and we hope that these workshops become a regular thing.

The Isibaya actor also wants fans to know that he is not leaving Isibaya anytime soon and that his brief disappearance is because he’s currently juggling more than one project at the same time.



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