DJ Zinhle details how she met her Bond

DJ Zinhle has played coy on her relationship with Brendon Naidoo ever since she first admitted earlier this year that she was in a relationship.

As she slowly starts to talk more openly about bae, Zinhle opened up to Anele Mdoda on her show, Real Talk, about her man.

Anele and Zinhle were in New York and the 947 presenter asked DJ Zinhle how the romance began.

“His cousin dm’d me for business. It was a business thing. I met him (the cousin) at Brendon’s (her 007) office. He said hi, asked us if we were okay and if we needed anything.”
Zinhle said that she was having problems with her email while in the office and it was Brendon that helped her sort it out.


Because they were swapping wifi passwords, he had her number and a month later sent her a text saying ‘Hi beautiful, just checking up on you.’

Zinhle said she replied but didn’t think much of it.
He messaged her two days later and said they should have lunch. Zinhle assumed that his cousin, the man she had done business with, would be there. But when she arrived it was just Brendon.

“Basically I’ve seen him every day since then whenever I can,” she said.

It took her a while to show him off because her past has left her burnt.
“I had a bad experience previously. It was very public. I’m a girl. I like to show off. I had to get reassurance from him that he’s got my back. It’s a year later and things have turned out for the best.”

Source : Times Live


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