DJ Zinhle clarifies her relationship with AKA

Remember when DJ Zinhle and he baby daddy, rapper AKA, exchanged a war of words on twitter?

AKA then revealed that the Era entrepreneur had blocked him on all social platforms, and when he wanted to see their daughter, Kairo (1), he had to send Zinhle an e-mail.

And, Zinhle recently admitted she and AKA don’t “have access to each other”.

“There are times when I would like to send him videos of his child,” Zinhle told Anele Mdoda on her show, Real Talk with Anele. “But I don’t because I don’t have access to him.”


By “not having access” to the rapper, she meant they don’t have a warm relationship and things are tense between them, which makes sending him Kairo-related stuff difficult.

The popular deejay, who is in a new relationship, said even though they are not buddies, she and the Baddest rapper are raising Kairo well and the little girl sees her father often.

It’s nice to see that even though they might not be friends, they’re putting their child first.

Source : Drum


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