Celebrities who have served time in jail

We’ve all done something bad and tried to get away with it at some point in our lives, but unfortunately for celebs, they can never quite escape their naughty behaviour thanks to the law, and well, the media.

Countless celebrities have had their brush with the law, whether it be for a few short hours or a long couple of years.

Here are 7 celebrities that got caught in the act and served their time.

1) OJ Simpson

Known for one of the most famous criminal cases in the history of celebrity crime, OJ was acquitted of the charges for the murder of his late wife and her friend.

He was however sentenced for stealing his own memorabilia.

OJ was given 33 years in prison.


2) Lindsay Lohan

You could call Lindsay a pro at brushes with the law.

The Herbie Fully Loaded actress has been arrested a number of times and out of a total of 8 months of sentenced jail time, the troubled starlet has only spent an estimation of half the time in jail due to ‘over-crowding’.



3) Jub-Jub

Seen as one of the biggest South African celebrity criminal cases, Jub Jub was charged with the murder of four school boys and attempted murder of two more, after crashing into them while drag racing under the influence.

The musician was sentenced to 25 years in jail, the convictions however were later converted to culpable homicide and sentencing was reduced to 8 years.


4. Chris Brown

We know Chris’s biggest wrong doing was beating Rihanna up back in 2009, for which he was put on probation.

The rapper was then sentenced to 131 days of jail time after he confessed to having violated his probation but ended up serving 108 of the 131 days.

Source: Mzansi leaks


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