Business savvy celebrities

The entertainment industry is not a predictable industry, today you’re in demand and tomorrow you’re gone but there are some celebrities that stand out as they secure the bag by venturing into business.

DJ Zinhle

DJ Zinhle had just been known for being a DJ and slowly broadened her career by launching her watch line ‘era by DJ Zinhle’, and with the business booming, DJ Zinhle mentioned she might branch out even further with handbags. Totes business savvy!

Khanyi Mbau & Bonang & Nomzamo Mbatha:


These celebrities are the perfect example of brand building and they will do anything to protect their brands, apart from owning property and branching into other business ventures, these three ZAlebs are the business, they hold big brands under their names and have gained international recognition. Lots to learn.


Rapper Aka is no longer any ordinary rapper, the A-lister is now more woke than ever and is using his platform for the better. Aka recently branched into the business world, launching Beam Digital, the rapper now says that he is more focused on making money than making music, as he says “There’s more to life than making music, there’s making money.”

DJ Sbu

DJ Sbu is a real businessman, from owning his own radio station to owning his own beverage company, DJ Sbu is an inspiration to many as through his business, one of which is his Mofaya brand that is hard to miss on social media as it is helping many South Africans earn some bucks.




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