Ayanda Thabethe, is the latest victim of a social media scams

TV personality, Ayanda Thabethe, is the latest victim of a social media scams.

In it, a fraudster has been using Ayanda’s image to con unsuspecting fans.

In the scam, victims are led to believe Ayanda is the brand ambassador for a sunglasses brand on the Instagram account, Larosa_sa, allegedly run by Bongani Mdaka.

When contacted for comment, the star was shocked.

“I don’t know the person running that Instagram account and would like to tell my fans not to fall for his trap,” Ayanda said.

“I really hate what’s going on behind my back, and will be pressing charges,” she said.

The first victim, who didn’t want to be named, told the SunTeam she was lured into believing Larosa_sa was connected to Ayanda when inquiring about the sunglasses.


“After identifying himself as Bongani Mdaka, he gave me a quote for the shades I wanted,” the victim said.

“He also sent a picture featuring Ayanda with the shades I wanted, coaxing me to add lipsticks and weaves, among other items, to the order.

“It’s been a month since the purchase, and I have yet to receive my parcel.

“It’s so sad that ‘Bongani’ – or whoever he really is – no longer responds to my messages.”

The People’s Paper has seen the Instagram DM (Direct Message) between the con man and the victim.

Another casualty told Sunday Sun the con man was “very methodical” in his approach.

Said the unsuspecting victim: “He sent me a Capitec account to pay for the items.

“A lot of personalities’ images are being used without their consent.”

Source : Sunday Sun


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