All you need to know about Emtee and Cruz Afrika’ Beef

The feud between Emtee and Cruz Africa is heating up by the day. The pair‚ who have been slinging mud at each other on social media‚ were involved in a heated feud that saw Cruz drop a diss track on Friday. Cruz apparently received a threatening voicemail from Emtee after releasing the track and opened a case of intimidation against Emtee. Emtee responded with a counter case of intimidation against Cruz.

In case you haven’t been following the drama between Emtee and Cruz Africa, here’s what’s been going down. Their fight started when:

Emtee took to twitter blasting Cruz Africa for releasing a five-year-old song they did together.

A series of tweets on Emtee’s Twitter account seemed to confirm that Cruz had called the cops on him.

Emtee has remained defiant in the face of the drama, saying that he is not scared of any legal action that he might face.

At this point, though, regardless of how things started, shots have definitely been fired, and it doesn’t seem like this feud is going to end anytime soon.

Source : Mzansi



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